Minute Man National Historical Park Job Brooks House, Lincoln, MA Circa mid-1700’s

Working for the National Park Service in the Minute Man National Historical Park, Scott was brought in to complete work at the Job Brooks house, a Federal-style colonial from the mid 18th Century.

The house is one of several from this period that were owned by members of the Brooks family and are still standing today. Adding to uniqueness, this federal style house also sits on an ancient archeological site and the building is used to store many of the artifacts, requiring

a controlled environment. A very large foundation in back is the remnants of the Old Grand Barn, of which pictures still exist.

The exterior siding on the structure represents several different periods. On the street side, quarter sawn clapboards, of an earlier era; on the back and other side more modern clapboards. On one end, the house contains three different styles of siding, with weather board on the bottom, (two large wide boards).

Scott McDowell was brought into this project and installed the windows and completed the

crown molding and exterior trim detail. Scott also reclaimed and carefully cleaned many of the original bricks and used them to rebuild the chimney from the roof line up. The three utility doors in the rear were not original to the house, but were added to facilitate getting artifacts in and out, and provided a handicap accessible entrance. The doors were designed and custom built in shop, and installed prior to the main restoration project. When Scott arrived, the doors were not functioning and managers looked to Scott to repair the design errors. Scott carefully re-fitted the doors to full functionality.